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May 6, 2019


Amanda & Jason | A Wine and Rose Lodi, CA Wedding

Lodi CA Wedding_0001.jpg

I first met Amanda and Jason at their engagement session in San Diego, CA. It was a *very* cold and windy day. It was completely over casted and we still made the best of our time together. Their Lodi, CA wedding was anything but a frigid cold windy day. It was a perfect day from beginning to end. Their venue at Wine and Rose in Lodi, CA was the perfect combination of tropical with a winery feeling to it. If that makes any sense? It was a beautiful venue and I’m so honored they asked me to travel for their wedding.

When you live in California, going from Northern California to Southern California is considered traveling in our book. It’s anywhere from a 5-8 hour drive to from from the south end of CA to the northern end. It was so worth it! The last month has been the month of travels for weddings and it has been both exhausting and a freaking blast.

I have to take a moment and give it up to Amanda and Jason’s bridal party though! They were so fun to work with. Not only because they followed instructions SO well but because they were so helpful to myself and my second shooter all day. Not to mention their pups were part of their bridal party and if you have followed me for more than a day on social media you know I’m all about the cute pups!

Amanda and Jason, I hope you are having a freaking AMAZING time in Fiji! I’m totally jealous but couldn’t be happier for you guys!



Lodi CA Wedding_0002.jpgLodi CA Wedding_0003.jpg
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Lodi CA Wedding_0016.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0017.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0021.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0018.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0019.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0020.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0024.jpg
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Lodi CA Wedding_0026.jpg
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Lodi CA Wedding_0038.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0039.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0040.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0041.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0042.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0043.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0044.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0023.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0022.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0045.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0046.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0047.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0048.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0049.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0051.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0050.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0052.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0053.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0054.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0055.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0056.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0057.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0058.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0059.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0060.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0061.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0062.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0063.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0064.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0067.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0065.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0066.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0068.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0069.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0070.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0071.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0072.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0073.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0074.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0075.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0076.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0077.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0078.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0079.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0080.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0081.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0082.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0091.jpgLodi CA Wedding_0090.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0083.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0085.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0086.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0087.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0089.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0088.jpg
Lodi CA Wedding_0084.jpg


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