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As a wedding photographer, my absolute favorite “after the wedding” moments are when my couples call me to photograph their first anniversary! Or better yet, their new baby!!! It’s such a sweet time in my couple’s lives. The fact that they invite me back into their lives in such precious time is just the biggest compliment and joy I can receive. Family photos at home have such an intimate feeling – that’s why being a Temecula lifestyle family photographer is so special!

I photographed Jenny and Robert’s wedding in October of 2018 in Newport Beach, CA. Then the following year I photographed Jenny’s brother’s wedding! So when they emailed me to let me know they were expecting and wanted to set up a newborn lifestyle session! Of course, I squealed a little out of excitement and pure joy for my sweet couple.

When Jenny and Robert shared the delivery story with me I was wide-eyed as they come. Jenny has a crazy scary delivery but I’m happy to share that baby Brayden and mom quickly recovered and above all are completely healthy. I met baby Brayden at three weeks old and he was still so tiny and squishy. Well, he still is, their session was just 5 days ago! They allowed me to hold him and  I think I could have sat on their couch and held him all day, he is just too precious. Temecula lifestyle family photographer

I really do love being able to photograph lifestyle sessions – even if I don’t do them often! There is something just so special and intimate about family photos at home.

I’m overwhelmed with joy for Jenny and Robert and their new baby boy!

I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to be part, again, of such a sweet time in their lives. I look forward to capturing many more of their family memories and special moments! In other words, make sure to call me for the next sweet family photo opp guys!

XO, Temecula lifestyle family photographer


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Intimate Family photos at home
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Intimate Family photos at home
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Intimate Family photos at home
Intimate Family photos at home
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Intimate Family photos at home
Intimate Family photos at home
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Intimate Family photos at homeTemecula Lifestyle Family Photographer_0018.jpg
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