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Engagement Photos at Disneyland | Paul & Christina


Are you considering Engagement Photos at Disneyland?

You’re at the right place! Engagement photos at Disneyland can require more logistics than a normal engagement session but as a previous annual pass holder who was at Disneyland 1-2 times per week and photographed a couple sessions there now… No worries! I’m here to walk you through it!

We photographed this engagement session on May 4th. If you know anything about Disneyland + Starwars then you can ONLY imagine how insanely crowded it was this day. So, if I can manage to photograph an engagement session at Disneyland on May 4th, then don’t worry. We can handle any day at Disneyland 😉

Disneyland Engagement Session_0191.jpg
Disneyland Engagement Session_0190.jpg

Tip #1 for having your engagement photos done at Disneyland is to reach out to your wedding photographer first.

As a wedding photographer, all of my engagement sessions are complimentary at the time of booking and included in all of my wedding packages.

Be honest about your desire to have your engagement photos done at Disneyland as this can change a few things at the time of booking. For example, taking into account the purchases of tickets for the park.

Disneyland Engagement Session_0194.jpg

Tip #2: Embrace the atmosphere… and the people in the background of your photos. It’s going to happen and that’s okay.

Disneyland Engagement Session_0195.jpg

… That doesn’t mean that we won’t get any photos that won’t have people in them, of course!

Disneyland Engagement Session_0196.jpg
Disneyland Engagement Session_0192.jpg

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to still dress up for your engagement photos. Remember that you can always change afterwords and enjoy the rest of your afternoon at the park!

Disneyland Engagement Session_0200.jpg
Disneyland Engagement Session_0193.jpg

Tip #4: Pick a ride to enjoy during your engagement session. Typically, I only have my couples pick one ride (preferably an outdoor ride) that they would like to use. Your session is typically only 1.5-2 hours and depending on the crowds that day, that only leaves you enough time for 1 ride.

Disneyland Engagement Session_0201.jpg
Disneyland Engagement Session_0202.jpg

Tip #5: This isn’t really a tip. Just a general rule of thumb.

BE RESPECTFUL of the park!

Don’t ask others to get out of your shot or assume people should move out of the way for you. It’s not fair to expect park visitors to accommodate you. Instead, have fun with it and just go with the flow! Embrace it!

Disneyland Engagement Session_0197.jpg
Disneyland Engagement Session_0198.jpg

Ultimately, have FUN!

Would you like me to photograph your engagement session at Disneyland? I would love to set that up, contact me here and we can start planning that! In fact, all of my wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session!!

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