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Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Morgan + Carter

Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-102.jpg

Morgan and Carter’s Laguna Beach Engagement Session was EPIC! When Morgan reached out to me, explaining that she wanted a location that was possibly a hiking trail with some beach views, I was so excited. I knew a Laguna Beach engagement would be perfect for them.

We didn’t get to see much of the beach due to the hazy skies, but we were just excited that it wasn’t a gloomy day! The glow during their Laguna Beach engagement was a dream, and so was their pup ;). Carter and Morgan brought their 1-year-old pup to the session, and I was in love. I was ready to bring her home with me! Little Miss. Paisley was so well behaved and such a sweetheart!

Carter and Morgan, thank you SO much for choosing me to be part of such a special part of your lives! I can’t wait for your wedding in Anaheim Hills this year! It’s going to be AMAZING!



Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-14.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-52.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-27.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-20.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-106.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-66.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-76.jpg

Can we just talk about how perfect Morgan’s blue dress? It brought out her stunning blue eyes so much! I was in awe while I edited their engagement photos! I mean, they can be models am I right?

Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-88.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-75-1.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-98.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-87.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-59.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-56.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-77.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-82.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-118.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-111.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-113.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-109.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-122.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-120.jpg

This location was a DREAM! I love how simple yet epic this location is. Often times, we look for these grand locations to have photos taken at but I’m here to tell you that sometimes, a simple trail with an amazing view is the way to go! I mean, just look at these Laguna Beach Engagement photos! PERFECTION! 

Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-132.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-130.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-138.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-139.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-125.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-148.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-158.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-163.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-147.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-166.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-142.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-162.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-131.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-176.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-172.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-152.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-134.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-161.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-187.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-204.jpg
Laguna Beach Engagement.NHP-199.jpg


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