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Must Have Bridesmaid Photos On Your Wedding Day

Bridesmaid photos from a wedding photographer in Temecula CA_0094.jpg

Today, I’m sharing all about the top bridesmaid photos you should definitely have with your girls on your wedding day! Every bride deserves to have amazing wedding photos, let’s make sure your bridesmaid photos are also photographs that you LOVE and will forever cherish! Bridal party photos are important, so let’s make them count! 

So let’s just right into what you’re here for, amazing photo ideas with your girls! 

The Champagne Shot! 

Bridesmaid toasting with champagne while getting ready / bridal party photos

Let’s start with one of my favorite shots to get from an entire wedding day – the champagne shot of the bride with her girls! This shot is a quick and fun shot to grab with all the girls! It’s also a great time to grab a quick photo of those gorgeous bridesmaid robes. While we’re on the topic of bridesmaid robes, how beautiful is this twist?! Instead of bridesmaid robes, get our girls fashionalable PJ sets.

By the way, this setup at Ethereal Gardens is totally a favorite of mine! You can check out this full wedding here!

PRO TIP: the best time to grab this shot is right before the bride starts to get ready because most of the bridesmaids will be ready (hair and make-up done). These photographs always end up being some of my favorites of a wedding day! So worth it!

The Getting Ready Shot

Bridal portraits / getting ready in a wedding gown photos

The getting ready shot is a MUST for any bride to have as part of her wedding gallery. This shot totally lends itslef to being able to grab so many extra photographs of smaller details. Details like the dress being buttoned up, the veil being put on, etc. 

The Classic Bridesmaid Photo

bridesmaids laughing with blue bridesmaid dresses and natural bouquets  bridal party photos

As a wedding photographer, I have a system and it starts with this shot right here ^^^. The classic bridal party photos that every photographer SHOULD be photographing. I love this classic shot becuse it lends itself to SO many other photographers in just this position. It adds so many beautiful wedding photos to add 

PRO TIP: If you’re runnning short on time, start with a classic shot and transition into the fun photographs! Check out how I did this for this wedding here

The Detail Shot

Floral Hoop Bouquet with gold bridesmaid dresses and a boho lace bridal gown

Ohhh, the glorious detail shot. The photograph you most likely pinned as inspiration for your wedding day – imagine YOUR wedding photo being what other brides pin! 

Photographers: This shot is a MUST have for a perfect wedding blog post and will add so much variety to a bridal album. Not to mention, it only takes a few extra seconds to grab it! I typically take this photograph when photographing the bridesmaids. 

The Walking Shot

Bridesmaid photos from a wedding photographer in Temecula CA_0093.jpg

Okay y’all, this one is one of my favorites and I do it at every single wedding becuase my brides have come to expect this shot from me! It’s always a favorite for my brides. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It adds beautiful movement to the photograph as well as laughter! 

The Friendship Shot

Okay guys, last one – Saved the best one for last. 

The photograph is a special one. I have one similar to this from my own wedding with my bestfriend (more like sister!) and since then I have photographed a similar shot like this in all of my weddings! It’s special and shows the bond between you (the bride) and your bridesmaids. 

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