Whether you are a photographer like myself that doesn't constantly carry that DSLR around everywhere, a momma on the go, creative, blogger, or simply just want a more cohesive #instagram feed this is for you!

I don't know about you guys, but I live my life on the go. I don't always have time to pull out my big camera and get that perfect shot. I have over 13k photos on my iPhone though! Let's be real with ourselves, we keep our most memorable spontaneous life moments on our phones because it's quick and easy! I made these 20 mobile presets for me, never thinking of sharing them. After all, there are several mobile presets out there already. I realized there was a need for clean and classic mobile presets though! A mobile preset that keeps the integrity of your precious memories but gives it that perfect clean and classic edit. 

up your instagram game or simply want pretty iphone photos? this is for you!


mobile presets

transform those sweet life moments you capture with your phone in just one click!

THE #nhpresets

H I G H L I G H T S:
- 20 clean and classic curated mobile presets 
- 2 black and white presets 
- 18 color presets 
- Detailed instructions to using the presets with the FREE Lightroom mobile app (no subscription required!).
- Made with Instagram feeds in mind to look consistent and pretty!

The Nataly Hernandez

mobile presets


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mobile presets for everyone

1. Classic 
2. Classic + Muted 
3. Pool Days 
4. Pretty Home 
5. Pretty Home + Extra
6. B&W
7. Moody B&W
8. Soft + Bright 
9. The Selfie 
10. Magnolia 

11. Just a little
12. Extra Pop
13. Extra Pop + Color 
14. Spring Time 
15. Cloudy Day
16. Film
17. Fix the Reds 
18. Let there be light!
19. Warmer 
20. Cooler 

The presets

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Mobile presets are not an exact science. Every photo is different, lighting is different, location, etc. No mobile photo is like another. Learn how to better use them and make each preset perfect for your mobile photo. 

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3 Tips for using the #nhpresets like a pro

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