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Ethereal Gardens Wedding | Andrea + Jeremy

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I don’t know where to begin with Jeremy and Andrea’s Boho & Whimsical Ethereal Gardens Wedding. When I asked Andrea how she pictured her wedding day she said “boho, romantic and whimsical… at least that’s what I was hoping for.” Well let me tell y’all, they nailed it!

Their wedding was picture perfect and every detail was thought through perfectly.

When Andrea first contacted me (only 3 months before the wedding) she asked if I was still available for their wedding day. She said she initially contacted me because she felt we had so much in common, not just in style but in personality. It was a match made in heaven because we totally do! When we planned for their engagement session Andrea and Jeremy had expressed they would like to do a lifestyle session in their home. They had just celebrated their one year anniversary as home owners and it was a big moment for them since they had completely renovate their new home. When I arrived for their engagement session that’s when I realized just how much we actually had in common! We share similar interest in home decor and style, that was for sure! 

At their engagement session Andrea and Jeremy shared with me a big secret! They were changing their last name… let me tell you guys the story!

Jeremy’s great grandfather changed his last name from Okada (a traditional Japanese last name) to Santos when he immigrated from Japan to Guam. At the time, Japanese were not welcomed in Guam and he was persecuted due to his last name. When he fell in love with a woman who lived in Guam he decided to change his last name in order for them to live a normal life.

His great grandfather became a man that was spoken very highly of and brought so much to the island of Guam. After changing his last name he was welcomed into the community. This weighed heavily on Jeremy’s heart and he asked his father how he felt about him changing his last name back to the family’s original last name, Okada. After decades as the family being known as Santos Jeremy and Andrea will be the first to cary the Okada last name since Jeremy’s great grandfather. They revealed this to their friends and family during their ceremony. It was so special to see their family’s faces during that moment. The emotion and pride they felt for this sweet couple. Ethereal Gardens Wedding

Andrea and Jeremy were surrounded by 170 of their closest friends and family on a Thursday and had a perfect Ethereal Gardens Wedding! The love their friends and family poured over them on their sweet day was so special and I was in awe. It was a true gift to be part of their day.

The morning of their Ethereal Gardens Wedding wedding I had woken up with severe tooth pain. The right side of my face was actually swollen from the pain. It was probably one of the worst pains I have ever experienced in my life and I have a pretty high pain tolerance I would say. I loaded up on pain medication and photographed their day. The very next morning I ended up having emergency oral surgery and they pulled that tooth out. No one had any idea I was in that much pain throughout their day. I’ll say this though, after photographing a wedding in that type of pain I’m confident I can photograph a wedding day in any kind of pain! The pain was worth it. Their Ethereal Gardens Wedding day was gorgeous and I have no regrets! 

Andrea and Jeremy, I can’t thank you enough for choosing me to part of your truly special Ethereal Gardens Wedding. Your boho and whimsical wedding was a true depiction of love. I’m so excited to have new friends like you guys! 


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Venue: @etherealgardenvenue
Dress @dreamersandlovers_
Coordinator @trademarkvenues
DJ @pacificentertainment
Bridesmaid gowns @bhldn
Invitations and Cake @jk_kreation@aclass02
Make up @candicerenae_
Hair @sarababeeh


  1. Jeremy & Andrea says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well unless you have Nataly as your photographer then your pictures will be worth a million words. A good review or a “like” can’t justify how we feel about Nataly and her work. She is a true professional and a master of her craft. The first time we both met Nataly, she walked into our home with a beautiful smile and a genuine presence. My now wife and I are people that would rather take the picture then be in it. The longer you wait to take a picture of us the more awkward our faces become lol so naturally we both were nervous on what our photos would look like and if photoshop could hide how uncomfortable we would be. Nataly walked us through a few basic poses, she encouraged us to be normal, reminded us to act natural, she would suggest try this or try that. We were not sure if it worked until she sent us the engagement photos. We nailed it!! This made us feel more confident and comfortable heading into our wedding. The big day came and went in a blink of an eye just like that we had to say goodbye, goodbye to someone we grew an attachment to.Nataly made us feel comfortable from day one with her undeniable passion in photography, her charming and sweet personality, work ethic and being willing to jump into a bush wearing a skirt to make sure she gets the right shot. Nataly you have won us over for life. We can’t thank you enough for making the experience enjoyable and for capturing our special day the way you did. My wife had a vision and Nataly knew this and made executive decisions at times to avoid interrupting my wife yet making sure she kept her vision in mind. She nailed it, the pictures are perfect and beyond what we imagined. Thank you Nataly for being amazing and capturing exactly what our vision was, your work speaks for itself. 

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