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Getting Ready Light on your Wedding Day & Why it’s Important!

One of the main but very important things that most brides forget on their wedding day is there getting ready space. We invest in a great photographer and want great photos but there are a few decisions that you as a client have to make as well in order to help with those beautiful photos. Today we’re going to just go over your getting ready light on your wedding day and why that is so important for your photographs.

While a photographer should be able to make the most out of every situation, there are some things a bride can do to help a photographer out!

Today I’m just focusing on the “getting ready” portion of the day. I LOVE the moments when the dress is going on and the bridesmaids are squealing and mom starts tearing up. These are really incredible moments…. and they deserve some incredible light too! Wouldn’t you agree?

It doesn’t take much… I just need ONE window with natural light, just one! I will run as far away from fluorescent lighting as I can! It’s just not flattering. One window with natural light pouring in can make all the difference in the world and I can create beautiful bridal portraits with one window… one window, that’s all I ask!

If you really want to go above and beyond for beautiful and creamy skin tones, then windows and natural colored walls will be the ultimate getting-ready space.

I realize brides are NOT photographers (for the most part) and so this may not seem like a big deal…. but it is. Light plays a crucial role in ALL of your images and I actually PLAN your portraits around what the light is doing.  So brides, whether you’re getting ready in a hotel room, a bedroom at home, or a church Sunday school classroom, look for LIGHT! The images I’m using on this blog post are all great examples of window light!

Factors that go into making gorgeous “getting ready”:

1. CLEAN the area around the window. No one wants Aquafina bottles and hairspray in all of their portraits!

2. Have your bridesmaids IN their dresses before you put your dress on.  You’ll notice that in all of these pictures below, the bridesmaids are dressed and that creates a unified look. This ultimately makes your blog post and your album spreads look more unified as well!

3. Try your best to pick a getting ready location that has neutral colored walls. If you are getting ready in a popular hotel chain like the Hyatt or Marriot, call them ahead of time and request a room that doesn’t have bright colored walls, but neutral tones instead.

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