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Torrance CA Wedding Photographer | Shelby + Robert

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Can you guys believe we are in August and this is my first official wedding blog post of the year?! Covid-19 sure did bring the wedding industry to a screeching halt. I’m typically about halfway through my wedding season around this time of year. Nevertheless, this Torrance, CA Wedding Photographer is *SOOO* excited to be sharing my first official wedding of 2020! Woohoo! I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect couple to officially kick-off 2020!

Shelby and Robert’s wedding was originally scheduled for July 11, 2020. Due to Covid-19, they chose to postpone their wedding. Only to have it get postponed yet again!! I know, crazinesss!!! Robert and Shelby chose to have a small intimate gathering with only 40 of their closest friends and family. However, they plan on having their “big wedding” in 2021. Through the ups and downs of wedding planning, postponements, and a pandemic, their wedding day finally came and it was gorgeous.

Covid-19 has caused a lot of cancelations but it sure can’t cancel love.

Their wedding day looked very different from their original wedding which was supposed to take place at the beautiful South Coast Botanical Garden in Palos Verden, CA. As most Torrance, CA Wedding Photographers can attest to, shooting a wedding in Los Angeles right now comes with extra precautions but let me tell you. However, it doesn’t mean that the fun stops. We wore face masks, used the hand sanitizer, and washed our hands often. It’s a much different wedding season this year, no denying that! Above all, I’m just so thankful to still be able to capture such beautiful moments for my clients… with the right safety precautions of course!

Robert proposed to Shelby in the same location where he asked her to be his girlfriend ten years ago. How sweet is that? I loved that their wedding included a few beautiful Hawaiian traditions and customs. Despite not having their full bridal party, family, and friends be able to attend due to travel restrictions and of course Covid-19 restrictions, their day was still full of love and joy! Truly a 2020 highlight for me and I’m sure for their friends and family as well. Torrance CA Wedding Photographer 

Shelby and Robert are perfect for one another…

Not only was it evident to me during their engagement session, but seeing and capturing the way these two looked at each other took my breath away. Clearly, they are perfect for one another but they are surrounded by such a loving and caring family as well. Their amazing family went out of their way to make myself and my second shooters feel incredibly welcomed and cared for. Honestly, I’m not lying when I say that everything about their wedding day was just perfect. I mean, what wedding isn’t perfect when it includes a puppy as well?! Torrance CA Wedding Photographer 

Shelby and Robert,

I can’t thank you and your family enough for choosing me to be part of your day. Not only did you make me feel so welcomed and loved but you trusted me with every request I had, including stopping on a random street for portraits! Don’t worry, it was totally worth it! I’m filled with so much gratefulness to know that I have beautiful clients like you two… and new friends!



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