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The New Nataly Hernandez Photography Brand

I can’t believe it’s finally here! The day I finally get to show you the new Nataly Hernandez Photography brand and website! If you’re reading this blog post then you’ve hopefully already browsed around the new site as well. Isn’t it gorgeous and so user friendly? I’m so excited to have something that I consider a forever brand!

As many of you know Nataly Hernandez Photography was once MFD Photography, short for Memories For Dave. When it became a business I shortened it and abbreviated it for several. Mainly because it was simply a mouth full, lol! I loved our story behind the name and so did others so I never saw a problem with growing my business with that name.

In 2018 and 2019 I took drastic and major steps to improve and grow my business and while I did have growth and I gained amazing, beautiful, and kind-hearted clients I didn’t grow the way I expected to after the amount of work I knew I had poured into it. I always knew that while the business name had a sweet story it lacked a personal connection for others which made it difficult for people to even remember it. I mean, when your mom and best friend have to ask you what your website name is I knew it was time for a change.

There’s a reason why major brands and companies are named after the people who created them. It’s personal! I knew I was lacking this major component and after several years of prayer and a lot of consideration, I finally did it! Honestly, it was simply my own doubt that held me back, and now that it’s done, WOW! I can’t believe that this is MY brand and my work on this new gorgeous site!

This new site and brand would not be possible without the talented Davey and Krista Jones!

If you’re a creative and are thinking about hiring someone for your website and/or brand design, I can’t recommend Davey and Krista enough! They were so meticulous and detail-oriented. This new brand was not something that was created just by looking at my images. I filled out an extensive and detailed questionnaire not just about what I want the new Nataly Hernandez Photography brand to be but also my work and about myself as well. When I first spoke to Krista about my vision for my brand I simply expressed wanting a forever brand. Something classic but that still represented myself and my brand well. Krista took my love for all things Anthropology and Magnolia and paired it with my true to life editing style to create this gorgeous new brand.

So here it is guys… I’m so excited to reveal the NEW Nataly Hernandez Photography Brand!



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