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Things to Consider when Choosing Wedding Venues in Temecula

Things to Consider When Selecting Wedding Venues in Temecula or Anywhere in Southern California

wedding venues in temecula

Finding the right wedding venue takes a lot of time and research. It can often be one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding! Yet, it’s the first decision you NEED to make because it will determine your wedding date. Which then means you are able to book your vendors.

You need to make sure that your venue ticks all the right boxes before you make a final decision. 

Your venue will influence your budget as well as the atmosphere on the day. So, before you sign on the dotted line, below are three important things to consider before you decide on Wedding Venues in Temecula or anywhere in Southern California. 

wedding venues in temecula

Venue size.

Look at how many people you’re planning to invite to your wedding versus the number of people the venue can comfortably cater for. A crowded reception can be quite uncomfortable and if a venue is too large, it can affect the atmosphere and the overall look and feel. Put an initial guest list together before you start venue shopping. It can help you can make a better decision or determine if you will have to cut down on your guest list. 

A few of my favorite wedding venues:

Serendipity Garden Weddings

Villa Del Sol D’Oro

The New Inn

What about the drinks?

Alcohol and drinks are a big part of your wedding! It’s important to find out whether you can bring your own alcohol and what the costs are or if the venue will supply the drinks. Since you will also need a licensed bartender to serve alcohol, find out whether the venue can assist with this so that you can factor those costs into your final budget. 

Preferred vendors.

You’re going to be working with several different vendors in the time leading up to and on your wedding day. Many venues require you to use their vendors so find out about this before you make a booking. Preferred vendors can be a good thing but they can also have their downsides! The biggest downside to this is that you may not be able to choose your own vendors that you may already love. Personally, as a Temecula Wedding Photographer and photographer who photographs all over the US, I even prefer to work with venues that don’t have this as a requirement because it limits the bride and groom so much.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue but make sure that it’s a space that speaks to your personalities and style as a couple.

temecula wedding venues

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