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Secluded Garden Estate | Temecula Wedding Photographer | Brooke & Stanley

Gilroy CA Wedding Photographer_0308.jpg

This Secluded Garden Estate wedding is what every Temecula Wedding Photographer ‘s dreams are made of! Temecula Weddings are stunning. In the heart of wine country and surrounded by rolling hills, Temecula, CA is the perfect city for any garden or vineyard wedding.

It’s a small world out there! When Brooke first inquired with me about her Secluded Garden Estate Temecula, CA Wedding she mentioned we went to the same High School. As I spoke to her and got to know her I realized that not only did we attend the same High School but our main connection to each other and how she truly inquired with me was through one of our teacher’s that we both dearly love! I actually photographed our teacher’s wedding a few years ago and Brooke has followed me since then.

When we met for our engagement session Stanley and Brooke were SO much fun. We laughed basically the entire time, mostly because Stanley’s sense of humor is just the best. Not only does he get the most beautiful smile out of Brooke but he gives everyone around him so much joy.

The week of their wedding California started to get random May showers…

If you have ever lived in CA then you understand that rain in May is simply not something that happens. Apparently, there are some storms rolling in and out of Southern California. It poured two days before the wedding and it cleared just in time for their big day! A couple days after the wedding and the rain is back with vengeance! Thankfully the rain was not a factor on their wedding day and the entire day was perfect. As a Temecula Wedding Photographer, rain isn’t something we often have to worry about for Temecula Weddings but the day was still a perfect day!

Brooke and Stanley’s day was so fun but I have to give it up to their bridal party which was SO helpful to myself and my second shooter. They really made the day easier with their attentiveness and help. Bridal party goals for sure! 😉

They had a gorgeous outdoor reception surrounded by rolling hills, friends, and family and you can truly see how much love they were surrounded by.

Brooke and Stanley, thank you SO stinking much for choosing me to part of your day. I loved capturing your beautiful day! It was also a great workout out of all of those gorgeous hills, ha! I can’t wait for y’all to enjoy your honeymoon really soon! 



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Gilroy CA Wedding Photographer_0361.jpg
Gilroy CA Wedding Photographer_0362.jpg
Gilroy CA Wedding Photographer_0363.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0364.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0365.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0366.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0367.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0368.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0369.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0370.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0371.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0372.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0374.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0373.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0375.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0376.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0377.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0378.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0379.jpg
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Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0382.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0383.jpg
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Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0385.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0386.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0393.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0387.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0388.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0389.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0390.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0391.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0392.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0394.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0395.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0396.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0397.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0398.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0399.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0400.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0401.jpgThey were having a beautiful first dance surrounded by their family and friends and then this happened… SURPRISE! These two are the best! Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0402.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0403.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0404.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0405.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0406.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0407.jpg… we knew we just had to sneak away during dinner to grab some last minute sunset shots and it was SO worth it!
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0408.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0409.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0410.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0411.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0412.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0414.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0413.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0415.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0416.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0417.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0420.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0418.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0419.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0421.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0422.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0423.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0424.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0425.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0426.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0427.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0428.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0429.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0430.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0431.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0432.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0433.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0434.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0435.jpg
Temecula CA Wedding Photographer_0436.jpg


Wedding Coordinator: Joshua McBride


Ceremony Officiant

Bethel Nathan


Ceremony Music

Harpist- Christyana Visk


Diamond Image Films- Videography

Rick Martinez


Pro sounds DJ- DJ/Photobooth

Cregg Corona


Pete’s Firehouse BBQ- Catering

Pete Lenk

(951)848-9764, Cell (951)595-2432

Mia’s Martini’s- Bartending Services

Mia Valenzuela


Sweet Petals Florist- Floral

Linda Chappell


Bo Cakes- Cake

Kathy Stringer


Sub Zero- Ice Cream Bar

Steven Emerson


Letters2Lights- LOVE Light Up Sign

Rick Stewart


Premier Party Rentals- Tables/chairs/linens

Bronwyn Kiser



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